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Today’s construction is a complex undertaking. It involves a labyrinth of permitting, labor and environmental regulation, and it requires the expert coordination of multiple entities. From the initial design and bidding phase to the final completion of the project.

CMI’s experienced construction management specialists assure construction projects that meet the functional and financial goals of the client. CMI can coordinate all elements of a construction project in a seamless continuum of service.

Why Do I Need a Construction Management Team?

The Construction Management team takes responsibility from the Owner for the overall management of the construction project with the ultimate goal of minimizing the Owner’s liability throughout the project. Such liability may involve defective workmanship by the contractor stemming from a lack of quality control on site, or budget overruns that develop as a result of poor fiscal supervision.

The Construction Management team also strives to minimize the overall cost of construction by developing realistic budgets that reduce unforeseen and costly change orders. Most importantly, the Construction Manager is the only truly qualified individual who solely represents the interest and well being of the Owner, which is especially desirable in mediation or solving disputes.

Consequently, by using a Construction Management team, the Owner would be minimizing the cost of construction, while reducing exposure to a variety of risks, and creating a much greater peace of mind.

What is the Role of the Construction Management Team?

In a nutshell, this includes but is not limited to, helping the Owner select the Contractor, managing costs and schedules and administering contracts. Essentially it is the role of overseeing the project from the initial design and bidding phase until the last of the construction debris have been removed.

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