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This is the nuts-and-bolts phase of any construction project and encompasses on-site inspections for quality and quality assurance, proper notifications to residents/tenants, and varied construction administration activities.

Owner/Tenant Notification

  • Notify Owner, Association Manager and/or homeowners regarding projected start date and schedule.
  • Hand post notices/schedules on each unit and clubhouse/job office

Quality Assurance

  • Monitor project on a regular basis
  • Schedule and conduct progress meetings between Contractors, Board Members and Construction Manager
  • Keep and maintain daily progress reports documenting job conditions, manpower and equipment, percentage of work performed
  • Develop, supervise and record job meetings, directives to contractor, code conformance, approved change orders, corrective action on non-conforming work, field testing performed, etc.

Contract Administration

  • Provide monthly progress reports to Owner outlining such items as job progress, problem/solutions, action items, approved changes, financial update, etc.
  • Should the need arise, secure approval and administrative change orders if any contract specifications, drawings, or documents are altered or changed during the course of construction.
  • Keep an “As Built” job history
  • Develop and implement procedures for the review and processing of applications by Contractors for progress and final payments
  • Approve progress and final payments to Contractor
  • Monitor construction costs by keeping track of overall expenses

Pre-Construction Phase

The pre-construction process is critical to the well-being of any construction project. This entails producing comprehensive specifications and drawings so that the Owner can secure “apples to apples” bids, putting work out to qualified contractors, and helping the client in the selection process.
  • Prepare specifications including architectural plans/drawings
  • Generate bid package to include specifications and drawings, scope of work, bidding requirements and general requirements
  • Review and approve bid package with Owner
  • Analyze all bid items in contractors’ proposal
  • Prepare Bid Comparison Spreadsheet
  • Review bids with Owner and select/award contract to successful bidder
  • Prepare construction contract for review by Owner and Owner’s attorney
  • Prepare and submit notice and award to selected contractor
  • Pre-qualify all bidders
  • Distribute bid packages to at least (3) pre-qualified contractors
  • Conduct pre-bid walk-through with contractor on site
  • Secure receipt of sealed bids
  • Assist in development of project schedule detailing construction schedule, inspection procedures, material and substitution procedures, job site safety measures and expectancies
  • Receive from Contractor, current insurance certificates, list of subcontractors and suppliers, construction schedule, special material submittals, and anticipated start date for construction.

Post Construction Phase

A project isn’t complete until the last nail is correctly hammered and the last administrative task has been performed. This construction phase is just as important as the rest to ensure your project is completed right the first time.
  • Prepare Certificate of Substantial Completion signed by Owner, Contractor and Construction Manager
  • Conduct preliminary walk-through with Contractor and Owner’s Representative to generate final punch list items, concerns, etc.
  • Review and approve final punch list items when completed
  • Attain all Lien Releases from sub-contractors, equipment rentals, and material suppliers
  • Attain final sign-off on City Permits
  • Attain Contractors Affidavit of Payment of Debits and Claims for signed and notarized by the Contractor
  • Obtain all applicable Contractor and Manufacturer warranties and/or guarantees
  • Approve final progress payment to Contractor upon receipt of all necessary final documents
  • Obtain final owner sign off that all items have been satisfactorily completed
  • Approve final retention payments to Contractor within thirty (30) days after completion of project

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