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Investing in energy efficiency creates jobs, fosters economic growth and improves energy sustainability for Hawaii.  Greenhouse gas emissions reduction, water use, waste reduction, green building, heating, air conditioning and lighting systems , photovoltaic systems and solar powered hot water systems are proven methods of Energy Sustainability.


CMI confirms energy from renewable resources—wind, water, the sun, biomass and geothermal energy—is inexhaustible and clean. The costs of technologies to capture that energy are rapidly falling and becoming economically competitive with fossil fuels, while reducing the risk of climate change.

Improving energy efficiency saves money by delivering more energy without waste and destruction of the islands beautiful environment.  Better refrigerators and stoves that cost the same but use less energy; and buildings that require less energy to heat and cool are some of the evidences of energy sustainability.

Energy savings can be improved by increasing the efficiency of building systems heating, air conditioning, lighting and water.  CMI focuses on Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Green Buildings and Sustainable Agriculture and Landscaping.

CMI will help analyze the procurement and utilization of gas, electricity and water services in order to identify day-to-day cost saving measures.  Analyzing the difference between various options and pay backs between an outright purchase and a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for photovoltaic systems can help building owners decide the best course to take.  Serving as a construction manager conducting construction and final inspections on all installed systems from electric and water sub-metering to photovoltaic installations, CMI minimizes any potential impact on existing roofing systems and warranties.

CMI will assist in developing strategic goals for energy use such as energy audits, solar photovoltaic installations, water use survey, waste reduction analysis, and green building implementation solutions.

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