Getting to the Root of the Problem

Improving Hawaii's Buildings
//Getting to the Root of the Problem

Trees are nice and have contributed to the “Go Green” concept for years. They provide nice landscaping, color, and shade.

Sometimes trees can cause problems. Specifically tree roots can cause damage to underground drain piping and can cause concrete walkways and foundations to crack. Conditions caused by tree roots should be inspected and addressed. There are occasions where the wrong type of tree was planted in the wrong location. Walk around your property and check all your walkways. If some concrete walkways have cracked and lifted, due to aggressive tree roots, this condition is a safety concern and a trip hazard. Concrete walkways should not have different elevations at the cracks. The general solution would be to remove the tree root, install a root barrier and repair the concrete. In some extreme cases, the offensive tree may need to be removed.


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