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Maintenance & Repairs

The key to extending the life of a building and minimizing replacement/repair cost is to have a good, solid preventative maintenance program. CMI helps clients establish and maintain standard maintenance practices. Individualized projects will demand individualized maintenance programs CMI can provide.

Our approach starts with a thorough inspection of the property to pinpoint key areas of concern, discussions with owners and community managers regarding budgeting, timelines and material product choices, and a spreadsheet report outlining all the options.

For newer and especially aging properties, a workable maintenance plan such as this can be a huge asset that takes the guesswork out of the maintenance equation and saves money in both the short and long term. CMI enters the correct items on your maintenance program eliminating the questions of “what are the key areas and handling that should be on my maintenance checklist?”

Facilities Maintenance

Why leave these vital services to people who don’t share your vision or take pride in your building? Are discounted fees a true bargain if the work goes undone? Let the professionals of CMI make the most of your time and energy by helping you with daily operations and maintenance – for a reasonable fee that ensures quality work. CMI conducts inspections ensuring maintenance is being done correctly.

Here are some of the ways we’re helping maintain success for communities across Hawaii:

  • Schedule building maintenance inspections
  • Create and implement a preventive maintenance program
  • Oversee on-site maintenance and custodial personnel, landscaping services and common areas
  • Review property conditions and make improvements where necessary
  • Offer advice on handyman & construction services
  • Assist with vendor selection for on-site capital improvement project support

What are the important questions you ask when establishing or evaluating an effective preventive maintenance program?


1. Is there a roofing asset management program in place.

2. Are PM Procedure and inspections performed on the roofing system?

3. If so, how often?


1. Are visual inspections conducted on a periodic basis?

2. Are records being kept outlining modifications and changes being made to the building by the owner and/or tenants?

3. Are inspections being conducted to ensure safety and code compliance?


1. Are meters in an accessible area to building managers and/or staff?

2. Are visual inspections being conducted for cleanliness and functionality?

3. Is billing checked regularly for irregularities and/or unusual consumption?

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