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Customized Repair Plan to Meet Your Needs

CMI Specific Repair Plan (SRP) is designed to assist our clients with the assessment and prioritization for the implementation of necessary repairs or improvements of existing developments. Our goal is to develop and execute a plan that will respond to the immediate and long term repair needs of the building, as well as minimize, as much as possible, the impact of the individual homeowner, tenant or users of the structure.

The plan focuses on required, recommended and optimal repairs, alternative materials and methods, and also takes into consideration budgetary constraints.

The process begins by meeting with the client to establish the project requirements. Further investigation includes conducting field surveys, performing appropriate testing, assembling and evaluating all available information including: original construction documents, maintenance records, client-based surveys, etc.

Once the investigation and research is complete, CMI will provide a working document to assist the client in understanding the problems associated with the structure, the required repairs and schedule to remedy the problems, and the associated potential costs.

The goal is to give the client all information necessary to make an educated decision, which will ultimately lead to fixing the problems. The final approved SRP will be the basis of construction documents to be used for the actual construction.

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