Arthur Ishimoto

This is my background. I am a retired Major General USAF. I am not a pilot. I am an electronics engineer. I designed the Hawaii Air Defense System, i.e.,strategic and tactical placement of heavy ground radar surveillance and control stations. I also selected and designed the installation of all electronics equipment for the project. I worked with various engineers to include, structural, mechanical, civil, soil, hydrographic specialists, etc.

My experience in developing infrastructures and operational facilities have given me an insight and advantage over other project managers.
I can effectively evaluate and judge the knowledge and ability of Lance Luke, whom I selected to be our consultant. I have managed the construction of Air Force facilities, but I have never seen one so botched, mangled and mismanaged as our trash chute installation. The contractor was a neophyte in trash chute installation. He was a smooth talker, charmer and liar. He was selected over another company who specialized in trash chute with a much lower bid. The selection process of our board of directors was flawed and greatly influenced by his salesman like proposal.

When Lance was hired to be our consultant, he immediately reviewed the contract/specifications. He identified eight deficiencies including some regulatory infractions. Subsequently, he discovered more infractions. The contractor tried to weave his way out by giving nebulous answers and some outright lies. He blamed our association for contributing to the problem.
I am very much impressed with Lance Luke’s expertise in construction standards and identifying tiny little nuances of contracts and specifications. I do not think I could have uncovered the infractions he uncovered. He was firm but very diplomatic in dealing with the contractor to avoid contentious discussions.

I offer these comments as a testimonial to Lance Luke, a construction management engineer extraordinaire. 

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Arthur Ishimoto

Arthur IshimotoMajor General, USAF (ret)