Rick Skelton

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Lance Luke. I usually do not write these types of letter but felt compelled because of how impressed I was working with Lance on our newly completed 110,000 sq.ft., 6-story building in Moanalua. He is a professional and has so much knowledge about the construction industry. His work is accurate, he is prompt and on top of that is a joy to work with.

I have been a builder and a real estate developer for over 35 years. I have to say that Lance is one of, if not the best HUD or Conventional Financing Inspectors I have ever worked with. He has a complete understanding for Construction Schedules, Construction Draw Process, Means and Methods of Building, Construction Safety, Davis Bacon Wage Requirements and so much more.

Bottom line is I have complete trust in Lance and would recommend him. I hope that I will get to work with him on future developments.

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Rick Skelton

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